Automated Testing


SmartGiant provides both intelligent equipments and solutions of automated production line testing for a wide range of consumer electronics. By mounting the embedded instrument platform and the vision inspection platform onto/into modular fixtures or cabinets, we help our customers rapidly build an automated testing system, streamline testing process, and optimize production efficiency.


Application Scenarios

Modular Pcba Fixture

Modular PCBA Fixture

Featuring flexible modular design and compact size, our PCBA fixture allows for easy embedment onto/into automated production line and rapid load board change (2 mins on average) for different types and sizes of PCBA (< 200 mm; 200–350 mm; 350–500 mm). To switch between models or batches of DUTs, only the load board needs to be changed.

MMI Automated Tester for Electronic Products

Our tester applies to functional circuit testing of finished cell phones. The content/items to be tested can be tailored to customer’s needs: headphones, microphones, USB, rear camera, keyboard, touch screen, etc. To switch between models or batches of DUTs, only the load board of a modular fixture needs to be changed, only the load board needs to be changed.

Mmi Automated Tester For Electronic Products
Photovoltaic Module Aging Tester

Photovoltaic Module Aging Tester

This tester can be used to simulate the power generation and aging process of solar panels with built-in programmable power supplies. Other applications include controlling, testing, and calibrating photovoltaic modules (e.g., photovoltaic inverter and photovoltaic power optimizer) of residential and commercial systems.