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Intelligent Micro Industrial Camera

Intelligent Micro Industrial Camera

Brontes is a high-performance QR code scanner that integrate the computing unit, imaging unit, power supply circuit and autofocus lens into an aluminum alloy machine. Argos is a high-performance smart camera that compresses PC-level CPU, high-performance GPU, ISP image processor, AI accelerator, memory, fill light and M12 autofocus lens into an aluminum alloy machine body.

BRONTES – Micro and ultra-thin, macro wide-angle, a good choice for code scanning embedded in the machine.

Brontes is a high-performance QR code scanner that integrate the computing unit, imaging unit, power supply circuit and autofocus lens into an aluminum alloy machine with the dimension of 46 x 23.5 x 9.2 mm. Different from the common micro code scanning modules in the market, Brontes is a complete code scanner with a closed machine body structure and very thin. Users only need to embed the device in the corresponding position, install the fill light, and connect the USB interface to the computer. It can work without designing additional power supply boards and corresponding structural protection.

Brontes AI Barcode Scanner

The USB interface of Brontes supports two communication application methods, USB-HID and USB-CTRL. HID is the virtual keyboard mode, which is the same as the commonly used code scanning gun. After successfully scanning the bar code, it simulate the keyboard to input the data form and output the corresponding information on the computer cursor. In the USB-CTRL mode, the host computer written by the user calls the SDK to take over the Brontes in the command mode to achieve program trigger decoding, obtain decoding status, realize online configuration and point-to-point management. It is suitable for industrial equipment with main control computer to realize multi-Brontes collaborative work, and supports up to 9 Brontes connected to USB2.0 channel.

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Integrated Cable

Brontes focuses on the recognition of DM QR code. It can decode the common printed barcodes quickly and accurately, even the minimum size of 2 mm x 2 mm. Even if the contrast ratio of the barcode is as low as 25%, it can be recognized well. On this basis, support for DPM (Direct Part Mark) QR code has been added. The common codes are dot DPM and square dot DPM. This type of barcode is commonly used in industrial production scenarios, such as the surface of metal workpieces, the surface of plastic casings, the surface of electronic components and PCBs. Therefore, Brontes is one of the few micro-code scanners on the market that truly supports to used in industrial scenes.

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Industrial Applications

Brontes uses a high-resolution sensor that complements the macro wide-angle lens. Even if the camera is taken at close distance and decoded, the field of view is still “large” and the resolution is still high. It is embedded in the machine, and there is room for accommodation when it is difficult to install directly.

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Brontes Scanning Perfomance

Since the company discovered that establishing good product traceability can improve production  efficiency, improve internal management level, and facilitate pre-sales and after-sales management, the production designers began to integrate barcode scanners on production equipment to scan the QR codesof components, which realized the entire production process  informatization and the core steps of product traceability. When there is no professional embedded barcode scanner, the designer can only bundle a commercial barcode scanner on the device. Even though that can realize the required function but the volume is large, the scanning efficiency is not high when fixed and the application limit is relatively large.

As a professional embedded industrial code scanner, Brontes has the advantages of small size, fast code scanning, support for macro, support single USB interface and multiple devices independent access and support command control, etc. It is a good choice for machine embedded code scanning applications. At present, there are mature application cases in automatic multi-channel PCB programming fixtures and automatic multi-channel test fixtures. This is a hot spot in the design of production equipment that is gradually taking shape with the miniaturization of electronic products and the increasing requirements for production test efficiency. And Brontes has proved in practice that it is very suitable for this kind of scene, and users can copy with confidence and preferentially adopt it.Practice has proved that this kind of scene is very suitable for using Brontes, and users can copy this usage method without doubt and preferentially adopt it.

Argos – The “Swiss Army Knife” in Industrial Smart Cameras

Argos is a high-performance smart camera that compresses PC-level CPU, high-performance GPU, ISP image processor, AI accelerator, memory, fill light and M12 autofocus lens into a 40×35×46mm aluminum alloy machine body. It also supports three common output ports of network port, USB and serial port which is a very advanced design in the industry. This highly integrated and powerful smart camera can realize barcode reading, color discrimination, pattern recognition, character recognition, physical measurement, existence judgment, etc. Multiple physical interfaces can link industrial computers, PLCs, and other computing units according to actual conditions. The small size can be flexibly embedded in various machine spaces, and it is applicable to many scenarios. Calling it the “Swiss Army Knife” of industrial smart cameras is worthy of the name.

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Argos AI Barcode Scanner

The flexibility of Arogs is also reflected in the lens system. The conventional autofocus model supports a shooting distance of 10-100 cm. According to the actual situation, there is a 5-10 cm close-up version and  a 1 x 2 cm small microscope for microscopic imaging. And it also supports standard C-mount industrial lens access. Currently, it is equipped with 11 cm and 14.5 cm, x 2 object-side telecentric lenses as standard. The device often used for photographing barcodes and characters on the surface of miniature electronic components. The Argos series can basically adapt to the entire electronic production scenarios.

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Argos Scanning Perfomance

The core computing unit of Argos is a dual-core ARM Cortex-A7@900 Mhz, with 512MB RAM and 512MB ROM, running Linux operating system. The hardware functions are application-oriented. The same hardware can be installed or switched through the in-machine software to achieve the purpose of changing functions, which is convenient for customers to deploy, maintain and purchase. At the same time, compatible hardware can reduce the cost and application cost of the entire product series, making Arogs an industrial smart camera with many functions and a high performance cost ratio.

Argos built-in artificial intelligent accelerator that can provide 0.5T computing power. It enable this compact AIO (All in one) machine to realize complex image recognition function without back-end computing support. It good at barcode recognition, image recognition, character recognition and existing judgement and also support personalized customization.

Typical Applications:

AI Barcode Recognition

Argos is equipped with barcode recognition software, which is an industrial fixed barcode recognizer.  It is similar to DE XX brand 220N, JI XX brand SR710, KANG XX brand DM262. Besides the QR code recognition, the introduce of AI intelligent recognition can locate the barcode quickly and recognize the type and quality, and accelerate the decoding process.  In terms of DPM type rapid adaptation, fast multi-code recognition and random barcode orientation logistics identification, it has better application experience than similar competing products.

Industrial Barcode Scanning
AI Barcode Recognition

StandardOCR(optical character recognition)

Argos uses AI image recognition technology for character recognition, which can quickly segment and locate standard characters, and directly classify and recognize them. Contrast that with traditional algorithms that use template matching. AI technology is faster in image recognition and more accurate in character position segmentation. Based on hardware computing ability, with template matching, double insurance, the identification is more stable. Typical applications are for product label integrity check and special position character capture.

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Color Judgement

Argos is equipped with high-resolution color sensor and strict hardware design standards, which make the sensor low electrical noise operation, low color bias for color imaging and keep color pure. For ordinary color discrimination, Argos also can tell what the color is. And can also be applied to the circuit board on the LED quench detection. It is cost-effective.

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Color Judgement