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Portable Instrument Application Scenarios

Portable Instrument Application Scenarios

The portable instrument is a multi-functional simple instrument embedded with Xilinx Zynq. DC voltage measurement function (DVM), multi-range DC current measurement function (DCM), dual-channel oscilloscope function (DSO), AC and DC signal source function (SG) are allowed through web UI. In addition, this product also supports FPGA IO programming and Python script editing functions, which is the best choice for FPGA and Python introductory practice.



① DVM, DCM and DSO support over-range alarm indication. Among them, DSO has FFT function.

②SG supports AC voltage source (ACV) and DC voltage source (DCV) output. Among them, ACV supports Sine, Triangle, Square output, with a maximum frequency of 100kHz.

③ FPGA IO programming and Python script editing are supported.

2.Application Scenarios

① Simple Measurement

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② FPGA IO Programming


③ Python Script Editing


 3.Use Cases

① DC Voltage Measurement (DVM)


The DVM operation is similar to that of an ordinary multimeter. The measurement range is ±10V, the measurement accuracy is 1%+0.05%FS, the over-range threshold is ±11V, and the alarm signal is flashing red.

② Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO)


The DSO operation is similar to an ordinary oscilloscope equipment, supporting dual-channel measurement, time, amplitude and offset adjustment, and over-range alarm.

③ Signal Generator (SG)

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The SG operation is similar to a normal signal generator. It supports multiple waveforms, voltage frequency setting and amplitude selection. The relevant parameters can be displayed on the web UI interface.