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Use Cases of USB Type-C Comprehensive Tester

Use Cases of USB Type-C Comprehensive Tester

In recent years, the development of USB interface has evolved rapidly, and USB Type-C is being widely used in consumer electronic products, such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablet computers. In addition, benefiting from the maturity and popularization of the USB 3.0 specification, more and more functions have been integrated into the USB Type-C interface, which currently covers functions such as data transmission, display signal transmission, audio output and control, and fast charging. In addition to the USB Type-C conformance test in the R&D phase, engineers also need to perform functional tests in the PCBA section and finished product section of the production line. SmartGiant Technology has launched a USB Type-C comprehensive tester specifically for production line testing, which helps customers to conduct high-volume and high-efficiency USB Type-C functional testing on the production line.

Use Cases:

  1. The SmartGiant USB Type-C comprehensive tester can communicate with the device under test (DUT) through its USB Type-C interface. The test can be completed by a single-wire connection, and the data are saved in the machine. The Ethernet communication interface is reserved for other application scenarios.
  2. Different cables are used to make the tester compatible with various types of interface tests. For example, using a Type-C to USBA cable makes the tester compatible with USB Type A port tests.
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3. USB Type-C PD Test

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This product is mainly used for consumer electronics testing. It supports USB PD 2.0/ PD 3.0, up to 100W power charging tests, and 5V/ 5A 25W reverse charging tests (it does not support QC charging protocol).

The PD charging power of this use case is 20V/ 3A.

4. USB Type-C USB 2.0/ USB 3.0 Connectivity Test

USB VersionTheoretical Max
Transmission Rate
Rate TitleMax Output CurrentLaunch Date
USB 1.01.5Mbps (192KB/s)Low-Speed5V/ 500mAJanuary, 1996
USB 1.112Mbps (1.5MB/s)Full-Speed5V/ 500mASeptember, 1998
USB 2.0480Mbps (60MB/s)High-Speed5V/ 500mAApril, 2000
USB 3.0 (USB 3.1 Gen1)5Gbps (500MB/s)Super-Speed5V/ 900mANovember, 2008
/December, 2013
USB 3.1 Gen 210Gbps (1280MB/s)Super-Speed+20V/ 5ADecember, 2013

This product supports USB LS/ FS/ HS and SS (5Gbps) tests. Through USB device identification, the device will enable a signal connectivity test.

This use case tests USB HS and USB 3.1 GEN 1 SS.

5. Display Port over USB Type-C Test


This product supports DP1.4 protocol and Thunderbolt3. It can support induction of DUT to output up to 4K/ 60Hz video signal, while reading the output video signal resolution, frame rate, Lane count, etc.

In this use case, the computer has two Type-C interfaces. Among the Intel processor DUT, Port 1 does not support Thunderbolt3, and Port 2 supports Thunderbolt3; among the AMD processor DUT, neither of the ports support Thunderbolt3.

6. GND and VBUS Open Circuit Test


This product can test whether the 4 VBUS pins and 4 GND pins in the Type-C interface of the DUT are open by virtual welding through a customized test cable. It can prevent the product from burning out the pins due to virtual welding during high-current charging or discharging.

7. USB Type-C Headphone Mode Related Test


This product supports tests related to the headset mode of the DUT, e.g., inserting, unplugging, keying, etc.

In this application scenario, since the DUT does not support earphones with the Type-C interface, this function is not used.

Looking ahead, SmartGiant Technology will continue to focus on the technical development of the USB interface, and provide the industry with high-performance, high-efficiency, and cost-effective production line USB comprehensive test products and solutions.