Commercial Application


SmartGiant is developing a new generation of ACE vision platform for commercial application scenarios — AI cameras (Argos) for image acquisition, edge computers (Cratos) for parallel computing, and vision software (Eos) for online inspection, configuration, and debugging. The working distances of AI cameras cover 18–1000 mm, enabling both high resolution and fast inspection. Auto focus, global shutter (shooting while moving), and PC-free decoding features are also available for different commercial application scenarios.


Application Scenarios

Facial Feature Recognition

Facial Feature Recognition

Based on our AI deep learning algorithm and edge computing, the camera captures a moving face and its features on a multi-dimensional scale. Features such as fatigue level, activity level, and the number of times for cigarette smoking, yawning, or phone call makin

Body Feature Recognition

AI video cameras are commonly used in crowded public places (e.g., shopping malls and convention centers) to capture and analyze foot traffic. Captured faces are compared with system face library and tagged as returned or new visitors. Other body features (e.g., cloth…

Body Feature Recognition
Ai Irt Temperature Monitoring System

AI IRT Temperature Monitoring System

The system issues danger warnings once it detects an over-threshold ambient temperature, such as from overheated equipment, from a gas leak, or from an inchoate fire. Integrated with AI face-identity recognition, the system also applies to contactless human temperature…

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