Comprehensive Measuring Instrument​​


To meet the most common and typical needs of industrial line automated testing users, SmartGiant develops a wide range of comprehensive testers that are compact, handy, and reliable enough. In comparison with our modular instruments, these testers are standardized based on traditional desktop instruments.

Comprehensive Testers

Application Scenarios

Functional Circuit Testing2

Functional Circuit Testing (FCT)

The controller calls the interfaces of modular instruments via FPGA to generate input/output signals. Functional parameters of the Device Under Test (DUT), such as voltage, current, waveform, load capacity, chip programming, data transmission, and data reading/writing, are measured and tested by feeding the running input signals and examining the output signals.

In-Circuit Testing(ICT)

The ICT uses electrical probes or pogo blocks to probe into testing points on a PCB, measuring parameters such as resistance, capacitance, and inductance, and checking for soldering defects such as short circuit, open circuit, deviation, missing component, or wrong component.

In Circuit Testing(ict)
Final Assembly

Final Assembly, Test & Pack (FATP, QT)

In parallel with system testing, stability testing, or reliability testing, ensures that the product (both software and hardware) meets all technical specifications and quality standards before leaving the factory.

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