Modular Instrument​


Based on scalable hardware components and user-defined software, SmartGiant develops a wide range of embedded/plug-in modular instruments featuring compact size, high flexibility, and high integration. Together with an FPGA-based controller and a mature IP core library, the Nysa platform interconnects all these modular instruments and helps to rapidly deploy custom measurements, fully meeting the needs of automated testing industry now and into the future.

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Application Scenarios

Functional Circuit Testing

Functional Circuit Testing (FCT, DFU, FAT)

The controller calls the interfaces of modular instruments via FPGA to generate input/output signals. Functional parameters of the Device Under Tests (DUT), such as voltage, current, waveform, load capacity, chip programming, data transmission, and data reading/writing,…

High-Speed Digital Interface Testing

Functional testing of image/video signal processing via high-speed digital interfaces (e.g., MIPI, TCON, and DisplayPort) of consumer electronics.


High Speed Digital Interface Testing
Fpga Acceleration

FPGA Acceleration

SmartGiant provides FPGA acceleration, IP integration, and other customization services to help customers free their CPU or DSP for other high-priority tasks.

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