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China Education Equipment Exhibition, Smartgiant in Action

On April 21, the 81st China Educational Equipment Exhibition was grandly opened in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. With the theme of “Digital Empowers Education, Innovation Leads the Future”, this exhibition focuses on the high-quality development of education and the construction of smart campus scenes. Smartgiant was invited to participate in the exhibition and gathered in the Hero City with people from all walks of life to jointly explore new development mode of the smart education.


In this exhibition, Smartgaint presented the AI Sports Motion Detection with precise algorithm, combination of cloud and edge computing, and integration of software and hardware, as well as other innovative test and measurement equipment, and showcased the products and solutions of AI Sports Motion Detection customized for the smart education to the visitors, which won great attention and praise.


Smartgiant’s AI Sports Motion Detection integrates the R&D and production of core products such as visual algorithms, edge computing hardware, and operating system software, covering three usage scenarios: PE teaching, physical exam, and physical fitness monitoring. Based on the self-developed high-precision AI visual algorithm, the AI Sports Motion Detection enables automatic counting, distance measurement, timing and violation judgment and other functional expansion of the sports event test and can simultaneously perform six kinds of sports such as rope skipping, long jump, pull-up, sit-ups, running, sitting and forward bending, with any combination available, fully meeting the high standard of accurate measurement and minimal error.


The AI Sports Motion Detection enables scientific training, personalized teaching, large-scale testing, and standardized exams, which effectively solves the problems such as the shortage of teachers, inaccurate sports data collection, and heavy workload of data collation in sports exams, and provides a fair, just, and open examination environment, fully empowering the upgrading of sports informatization, and assisting in building a strong sports country.


Technology leads development, and education determines the future. The form of education is continually being refreshed by science and technology. Educational equipment, as one of the infrastructures of modern education, supports and leads the development and transformation of education and teaching. As a listed company with test and measurement as its core business, Smartgiant will continue to deeply explore user needs and pain points, constantly innovate technology, and develop more high-quality smart education products and solutions to provide customers with customized, standardized, intelligent, and efficient full-scenario support and services, which will make an important contribution to the high-quality development of smart education and promote the two-way empowerment of technology and education.