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SmartGiant at the Dongguan CMM Automation Exhibition

From May 18th to 20th, 2021, the Electronic Manufacturing Automation & Resources Exhibition, and the Industrial Automation & Industrial Assembly and Transmission Technology Exhibition (the CMM Exhibition) was held in the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center. Today, the CMM exhibition has become a weather vane for the development of the electronics manufacturing industry, witnessing the leap from “manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing” in China’s electronics manufacturing industry.

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SmartGiant Booth at the CMM Exhibition

The hot weather in Guangdong could not dampen the participants’ enthusiasm. There was a great assemblage of people during the exhibition. In today’s era, the importance and development prospects of market automation equipment to replace traditional labor have become increasingly evident. SmartGiant took advantage of this opportunity to showcase products and solutions that accelerate the development of automation, iterative upgrades of traditional manufacturing, and the creation of smart factories.


SmartGiant Booth at the CMM Exhibition Attracted a Large Number of Visitors

Some of the products that SmartGiant featured during the CMM Exhibition are:

1. Modular Instrument Platform

 2. FPGA-Based Controller

 3. USB Type-C Comprehensive Tester

 4. Battery Emulator

 5. Argos and Brontes AI Industrial Camera

 6. Horus AI Camera

 7. Real-Time Detection System for Line Array Camera


SmartGiant Staffs Answered Visitors’ Questions

In the exhibition, the SmartGiant attendees also learned about the newest solutions and innovations of other companies in the electronics technology. In the near future, SmartGiant plans to make every effort to keep improving in the direction of automated testing, provide customers with smarter and more comprehensive services, and create a better testing platform for the industry.