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SmartGiant Technology 5 Scientific and Technological Achievements Passed Appraisal

Recently, Technology and Equipment Application Promotion Committee and Guangzhou Instrument and Control Society organized and hosted the appraisal meeting for five scientific and technological program achievements from SmartGiant Science and Technology. These achievements are:

  • High-Speed Data Interface Compatible Type – C Key Techniques of Intelligent Integrated Test Platform
  • Research and Development on High Integration of Intelligent Industrial Instrumentation Applied in Embedded System
  • Intelligent Manufacturing System for Automated Scanning Key Technology Research and Application
  • High Power Density Battery Simulator Key Technology Research and Industrialization
  • Key Technology Research and Development and Industrialization for Internet of Things Terminal Automation Test Platform Based on Open Architecture.

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The Conference Scene

This appraisal meeting was joined by seven experts from the South China University of Technology, Guangzhou Electronic Technology Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangdong Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing, Jinan University, South China Agricultural University, Guangdong Machinery Research Institute, and Guangzhou Mechanical Design Institute.

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Product Demonstration

Appraisal committee experts listened to the Smart Giant technological work summary report, and inspected the relevant sites. After discussion and inquiries, the appraisal committee reached a consensus: the five scientific and technological program achievements were innovative and the comprehensive level has reached the national advanced level, and thus, approved the scientific and technological achievements appraisal.

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Group Photo

These five scientific and technological achievements appraisal are the best testimonies for the scientific research strength of SmartGiant technology. Moving forward, SmartGiant will continue to increase our investment in science and technology innovation, develop more high-quality products to serve our customers, and help enterprises build intelligent, efficient, innovative, and smart factories.

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Appraisal Certifications