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Strategic Management Training Was Held Successfully

With recent acceleration of the company’s growth, it is increasingly important to improve the strategic comprehension and execution capabilities of key management personnel. To this end, on October 11, the company organized a strategic management training attended by nearly 40 middle and senior managers at its headquarters in Guangzhou. The general manager of the company, Mr. Mike Zhou, attended the training meeting and made comments on the training seminar.


For this training, Mr. Xiaoyong Peng from Huajun Consulting was specially invited to give lectures. Mr. Peng has held senior management positions in Fortune 500 companies and many well-known listed companies, and has extensive experience in strategic management and project practice.


The training course was organized on the theme of “from strategy to execution”. In the training course, Mr. Peng first pointed out that the key to ensuring the implementation of strategy was to stimulate organizational vitality, and then he focused on the principles of the Business Leadership Model (“BLM”). Finally, Mr. Peng elaborated on balance to ensure the realization of strategic goals with the Balanced Score Card method (“BSC”). BSC takes into account the interests of enterprises and customers as well as the long-term development and short-term interests of enterprises, and is a very effective performance evaluation tool.

During the course, on the two topics of “how to analyze the gap between goals” and “how to develop and innovate”, members of each group conducted an intense discussion and sharing of results on-site. Through this combination of theory and simulation practice, everyone had a more intuitive understanding of the BLM theory and a deeper thinking about the company’s development.


This training has further improved the strategic management thinking ability of the company’s main managers, and laid a strong foundation for the company to accelerate future development and transformation and promote the implementation of new strategies.