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The 9th China Electronic Information Expo Concluded Successfully

The 9th China Electronic Information Expo, 2021 Spring (the 97th) China Electronic Expo, and 2021 China International Electronic held ceremoniously in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from 9th to 11th April 2021. With the concept of “innovation drive and high-quality development”, this Expo focused on displaying the latest achievements and technologies of the electronic information industry. Tens of thousands of electronic products were displayed on the exhibition site.

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In the era of rapid development in electronic information, SmartGaint strives to keep up with the pace, conducts in-depth research in the field of automated testing field, and is committed to providing customers with increasingly more comprehensive and intelligent testing services. In this Expo, SmartGiant not only witnessed the latest achievements in the field of electronics, but also showcased a series of our own products. These products shined in the Expo and attracted attention of many visitors. Examples of the products that SmartGiant exhibited in this Expo included:

1. Embedded Instrument Test Platform

2. New-Generation FPGA-based Nexus Pro Controller

3. USB Type-C Comprehensive Tester

4. Battery Emulator

5. Horus AI Camera

6. Edge Computer

7. Brontes Intelligent Macro Scanner

8. Argos Intelligent Medium- and Long-Distance Scanners

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The annual electronics exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. In the exhibition next year, SmartGiant plans to display additional even smarter and more diverse products, and provide customers with more comprehensive services.