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high-precision sampling PDM TDM Digital Audio Analyzer

Audio Analyzer

Audio Analyzer

Application Scenarios

  • Audio signal analysis in R&D lab or automated production line
  • Analog audio testing: headphone, microphone, loudspeaker, crosstalk, etc.
  • Digital audio testing: PDM/TDM testing of tablets, laptops, and wearables




  • Low-noise analog front-end (AFE)
  • High-accuracy sampling
  • FFT hardware processing
  • Analog audio measurement via XLR/BNC interface
  • Digital audio measurement via PDM/TDM interface


Channel Analog Input 2× Unbalanced + 2× Balanced
Analog Output 2× Unbalanced + 2× Balanced
Digital PDM 1× Input + 1× Output
Digital TDM 1× Input + 1× Output
Digital I/O Output 8 Bits

 Audio Analyzer (Analog Input)

Input Impedance 10 TΩ
Input Range 2.3 Vrms
Bandwidth 20 kHz
ADC Resolution 24 Bits
Sampling Rate ≤ 192 KHz
Measurement THD -106 dB (1 Vrms @ 1 kHz Sine Wave)
THD+N -92 dB (1 Vrms @ 1 kHz Sine Wave)
Digital THD -106 dB (@ 1 kHz Sine Wave)
Digital THD+N -83 dB (@ 1 kHz Sine Wave)
Measurement Accuracy Voltage ≤ 100 mVrms: ± (1% of Reading + 0.005% of Range)
≤ 2.3 Vrms: ± (0.3% of Reading + 0.005% of Range)
Frequency ± 55 ppm

 Audio Generator (Analog Output)

Output Impedance Low-Z
Output Range 2.3 Vrms
DAC Refresh Rate ≤ 192 kHz
DAC Resolution 24 Bits
Sine Frequency Range 10 Hz – 55 kHz
THD Output -104 dB (1 Vrms @ 1 kHz)
THD+N Output -102 dB (1 Vrms @ 1 kHz)
Output Accuracy Voltage ≤ 100 mVrms: ± (0.5% of Reading + 0.005% of Range)
≤ 2.3 Vrms: ± (0.1% of Reading + 0.005% of Range)
Frequency ± 10 ppm


Digital Audio Analyzer

PDM FSYNC Frequency 48 kHz
Data Rate 6.144 MHz
Data Bits 32 Bits
TDM Channel
Data Bits 32 Bits
Clock Rate 12.288 MHz
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