AI Cameras


SmartGiant is developing a new generation of ACE vision platform for industrial/commercial application scenarios — AI cameras (Argos) for image acquisition, edge computers (Cratos) for parallel computing, and vision software (Eos) for online inspection, configuration, and debugging. The working distances of AI cameras cover 18–1000 mm, enabling both high resolution and fast inspection. Autofocus, global shutter (shooting while moving), and PC-free decoding features are also available for different application scenarios.


Application Scenarios

Industrial Barcode Scanning

Industrial Barcode Scanning

Our industrial barcode scanner captures barcodes, QR codes, and tiny Data Matrix codes on various types of product surfaces. With its compact and lightweight design, the scanner can be easily embedded onto/into automated testing fixtures within tight spaces.…

LED Status Inspection

We offer products and services for LED inspection in production lines, including inspection of basic status (LED on/off and color), and inspection of comprehensive status (LED color, brightness, sequence, position), where a closed-loop feedback system provides real-time feedback on the running status of the product.

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Ocr (optical Character Recognition)

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Based on our AI deep learning algorithm, the camera accurately captures and reads characters on various types of materials, such as PCB, industrial monitors, instrument, product labels/packages, certificates, and documents.

AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)

The content/items to be inspected can be tailored to customer’s needs: screen displaying, PCB mounting, tray parts, chip pins, drill holes (and diameters), screw threads, etc.

Aoi (automated Optical Inspection)

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