| Stock Code: 688115
| SC: 688115

SmartGiant, a Global High-Quality Supplier of Modular Testing Instruments, is Listed Today! The First Stock of the Science and Technology Innovation Board in Panyu District, Guangzhou!

On March 14, 2022, SmartGiant Technology (stock abbreviation: SmartGiant; stock code: 688115) officially landed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, which also marked the birth of the first stock on the Science and Technology Innovation Board in Panyu District, Guangzhou.

According to public information, SmartGiant Technology, founded in 2005, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of industrial automation testing. It is mainly engaged in the design, R & D, manufacturing, and sales of industrial automation testing products such as embedded intelligent instrument modules, and provides customized professional solutions for downstream customers’ intelligent manufacturing systems and industrial automation testing systems.

SmartGiant has been deeply engaged in the field of industrial automation testing, conducted in-depth research and development in this field, provided customized testing services for end customers, and formed a testing solution with embedded intelligent instrument module as the core. The testing solution formed a certain substitution for the traditional testing solution of universal standard instruments, effectively improving customers’ production efficiency, product quality, production automation and intelligence. After years of development, the embedded intelligent instrument module testing solution independently developed by SmartGiant has been recognized by many well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Its serving customers include Huawei, VIVO, Hon Hai Group (Foxconn), Quanta Group, Yuntaili, Zhenyun Precision, PR Measurement and other well-known domestic enterprises. What’s more, SmartGiant has become a qualified supplier of world-renowned brands such as Apple, Amphenol, Facebook, Tokyo Electron, SolarEdge and other companies.

At present, China’s electronic testing and measuring instrument industry is in a period of strategic opportunity for rapid development of the industry, which mainly due to the development of China’s economy. Various industries are undergoing transformation, upgrading and technological innovation. And each industry needs the assistance of electronic measuring instruments from the selection of raw materials, the monitoring of production process, product testing and industry operation. Meanwhile, policies and guidelines such as the revitalization plan of the electronic information industry will further expand the market demand and provide a new broad market for electronic measuring instruments.

SmartGiant has seized the development trend of the industry and prepared to continuously develop the industrial automation testing with the help of the listing. Public information shows the funds raised by SmartGiant this time are mainly used for the expansion construction project of embedded intelligent instrument module, the R&D center construction project and supplementary operating funds. Among them, the “expansion construction project of embedded intelligent instrument module” will further improve the production capacity, automation and informatization level of SmartGiant by upgrading and expanding the production workshop, software and hardware conditions, so as to improve production efficiency and management level, and meet customers’ continuous growing demand for the company’s automatic detection products. The “R&D Center Construction Project” will focus on four areas: automated testing, high-speed data bus testing, RF testing, and IC testing. While improving R&D and innovation capabilities, it will shorten the R&D cycle of new products and improve the ability to meet customers’ diverse needs.

Through the implementation of the above projects, SmartGiant can not only improve product performance and production efficiency, consolidate and expand customer network, and strengthen R&D capabilities to enhance the market competitiveness of products and services and enhance brand influence. At the same time, it will continue to maintain the steady growth of enterprise revenue and profits and consolidate its advantageous position in the industry.

Zhou Maolin, chairman of SmartGiant, said that the successful listing of the Science and Technology Innovation Board is a very strategic step in the development process of the company. The company will also take the listing as an opportunity to keep focusing on product innovation and technical team building, continue to deepen the understanding of downstream application scenarios, develop innovative products that are suitable for market and cost-effective, and expand the application fields of the company’s products to further enhance its own technical strength and market competitiveness, and complete the transformation from a single-domain testing module supplier to an industry-wide testing solution supplier.