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SmartGiant Participated in Fire Drills to Build a Safe “Firewall”

To prevent major fire safety accidents, improve the company’s emergency management mechanism, and protect the company’s property and the personal safety of employees, SmartGiant organized employees to participate in the “2020 Fire Safety Evacuation Drills” held in E Valley Park of Panshan Headquarters on December 17, 2020. “Fire drill” activities were successfully completed with the active participation of the company management and all other employees.

1. Ringing of the alarm bell and rapid evacuation

The sound of fire alarm brought everyone into a simulated fire situation. Companies received the long alarm and quickly evacuated the office area and gathered in the safe zone of E Valley Park.


2. Knowledge training of fire-fighting

The fire safety officer of the Fire Squadron of Shiqi Town, explained the fire safety knowledge to all employees in the E Valley Park, and introduced the use of fire protection supplies and fire masks.


3. Use of fire extinguishers to put out fires

Fire safety officers practiced the use of fire hydrants, so that company employees could master the skills of fire hydrants to quickly extinguish fires.


In the session on fire-fighting practice, company employees enthusiastically participated in the exercise of using various fire-fighting equipment to extinguish the raging fire.


Through this fire drill, the company’s employees’ awareness of prevention and self-rescue capabilities have been further enhanced, and have understood and mastered basic operations such as how to identify fire hazards and how to take necessary emergency measures, in order to achieve rapid, orderly, timely and effective prevention of and response to accidents.